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Wedding Details

It would mean a lot to us if you could join us as we unite the Dhanani and Patel families with a celebration to remember. 

July 7th

Hari's Ganesh Pooja: 10am
(Tune Terrace)
Indian Pooja Attire

Mehndi: 1-3pm (Retune Terrace)
Casual Indian/Beachy

Welcome Night & Garba: 6-10pm
(Muse Terrace)
Lenghas/Casual Resort Wear

July 8th

Wedding Ceremony
10am - noon (Beach)
Fancy Resort Wear
(Beachy Buttondown/Dress)

Baraat Starts at 9am (TBA)

Lunch@ 12:30-2pm (Ballroom)

July 9th

Wedding Reception
7:30pm - Midnight (Harmony Ballroom)
Black Tie Formal Attire

Cocktail Hour 6-7pm
(Serenade Terrace)

The Venue

Hard Rock Los Cabos, Mexico
23473 Cabo San Lucas,
Baja California Sur, Mexico


Although Cabos is a gorgeous vacation destination, during all events all guests should dress to impress. See italic notes above.


Rain or shine we have locations at the Hard Rock in place for most weather conditions so be ready for a great time!