July 08, 2022 | Cabo San Lucas, Mexico | Hari & Alyssa

We’re Getting Married!

Our Story

A few months after we both finished college, on a random Saturday evening our friends invited us to go bowling in Atlanta. We met up with all of our friends, including officially meeting each other for the first time. Hari tried to show off his “skills” to his future-fiance. Alyssa hustled him, strike after strike.

Our friendship and bond grew more and more as we went on various adventures, eating our way through Atlanta.


Friday April 3rd 2021, We Said Yes!

On 4 – 3 – 21, the universe gave us a countdown and we said Blast Off! Hari took Alyssa to a gorgeous South Beach Miami Park where he had a romantic picnic set up and got on one knee.

About Alyssa

Alyssa started out as a Florida girl born in Jacksonville on August 22nd 1995. Her parents always caught her elbow deep in the cookie jar. When her hands weren’t on cookies they were on books. She always loved reading, carrying books anywhere and everywhere to make her feel “safe”.

Now Hari and Alyssa get stuck in the cookie jar together, eating their way through Atlanta. Graduating from Marietta High School in ’13, Alyssa always had aspirations to go into the medical field and help others. Meeting so many of her life-long friends at UGA, she graduated with a dual-degree in Biology and Psychology. She’s achieved her dream of becoming a Physician Assistant, and is now officially licensed and ready to practice in Georgia. 

About Hari

Born in New Orleans in 1993, Hari's roots start off near his large loving family in Louisiana. From jumping on the bed watching Barney to drooling all over the grandparents, only one thing was certain: this chunky baby was definitely hungry all the time.

Not much has changed as he's now jumping around drooling over amazing food with Alyssa. Graduating from Woodward Academy in '11, Hari went to GSU to get a dual-degree in Managerial Sciences and Marketing. He then went on to get his MBA at Mercer University. Now he helps various businesses with their Marketing initiatives like advertising, analytics, making websites (including this one), and much more.


Wedding Details

It would mean a lot to us if you could join us as we unite the Dhanani and Patel families with a celebration to remember. 

July 7th

Hari's Ganesh Pooja: 10am
(Tune Terrace)
Indian Pooja Attire

Mehndi: 1-3pm (Retune Terrace)
Casual Indian/Beachy

Welcome Night & Garba: 6-10pm
(Muse Terrace)
Lenghas/Casual Resort Wear

July 8th

Wedding Ceremony
10am - noon (Beach)
Fancy Resort Wear
(Beachy Buttondown/Dress)

Baraat Starts at 9am (TBA)

Lunch@ 12:30-2pm (Ballroom)

July 9th

Wedding Reception
7:30pm - Midnight (Harmony Ballroom)
Black Tie Formal Attire

Cocktail Hour 6-7pm
(Serenade Terrace)

The Venue

Hard Rock Los Cabos, Mexico
23473 Cabo San Lucas,
Baja California Sur, Mexico


Although Cabos is a gorgeous vacation destination, during all events all guests should dress to impress. See italic notes above.


Rain or shine we have locations at the Hard Rock in place for most weather conditions so be ready for a great time!


We request your presence as the only present. However if you must, click below to see our registries:

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We Can’t Wait To Celebrate With You!

We’re Tying The Knot on July 08th, 2022 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!
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